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hogar dulce matahimik
mi casa es su casa
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9th-Feb-2007 07:49 pm - Speed Dating!
At Coffee Way along Maginhawa St., Teachers Village February 12-14 (at least that's the original plan) in the evening (maybe 7 or eight). Coffee, pastries, henna, palm reading, acoustic performances, the works. Right now they need participants, so GO.

And hmm... sino kaya ang mga tumitingin sa 51_mat? (Malay natin!)

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7th-Feb-2007 04:37 am - Iha, bahay mo ba'to?
Kung ikaw ay taga-51_mat, yay! Ito ang ating kauna-unahang online forum, exciting ba? Hindi pa? E kasi di ka pa kasali.

So. Follow the yellow brick road these instructions to join the forum.

1. If you don't have a LiveJournal account yet, create one: CLICK HERE. Ayan, may journal ka na. You can customize it, upload user icons, blog, etc.

Pero wait, paano ka makakapagpost sa 51_mat? Ang sagot: Join the community.

2. To join, CLICK HERE. Then CLICK HERE to add 51_mat to your friends list. You can also add other 51_mat members to your friends list by visiting their profile pages and clicking on the little icon above their profile:

3. Para di nakakalito, comment ("roomhop") on this post kung sino kayo para kilala natin kung sino kayo, okidoki?

3. To post, just update your journal and choose "Post to: 51_mat." HERE's a link to updating.

Surf around! Here are some links to start you off:

P.S. Hindi limited ang community na 'to sa mga taga-51_mat ngayon; kung may friends kayo na interested mag-join kasi feel nila ang friendship dito, sureness.

Hala! Humayo at pasayahin natin ang community na ito!
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